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Birdwatching in Serbia CatalogueSerbia has long enjoyed its reputation as acultural crossroads at the heart of Europe. This small, landlocked nation of little more than 100,000 square kilometres boasts an astonishing diversity of habitats: from flooded forest and reedbed swamps to arid steppes and dramatic mountain gorges. A huge variety of wildlife thrives here, making Serbia one of Europe's greatest biodiversity hotspots. Enjoy birdwatching in Serbia! For photos from Serbia birding tours and Serbia nature, visit our PHOTO GALLERY!

Birdwatching tours

We offer a great variety of bird watching tours in Serbia (bird watching, Serbia birding tours, eco holidays, photo tours). Discover Serbian nature and rare european birds you can twitch and photograph here.

In addition to outstanding birdlife, apart from birding tours in Serbia, the visiting birders can enjoy a host of cultural and historical attractions, from castles, museums and monasteries to rural farmsteads and Belgrade's vibrant nightlife. All this is accompanied by a tradition of warmth and hospitality for which Serbia is justly famous.

Bird conservation in Serbia

Among the breeding birds, there are 140 species of European conservation concern (SPECs), which include five species of global conservation concern (Ferruginous Duck, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Great Bustard and Corn Crake) as well as a further 82 species that have an unfavourable conservation status in Europe. See Serbian birds checklist for more info.

The main threats include agricultural intensification, disturbance and hunting.

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